What is the meaning behind the evil eye? 

We have seen so many people with the ‘evil eye’ accessories and jewelry. But, we question, how much do we know about it? Some Spanish people call it ‘mal de ojo’, which means bad eye or evil eye. For instance, in some cultures, children wear a red string on their wrists to prevent an ‘evil eye’ looking at them and ward off evil spirits. This evil eye has been popular for many years, not until recently we started seeing this evil eye as more trendy.

It is believed that the evil eye origin is found in many parts of the world. It plays a major social role and even dates back to ancient times. Many cultures have used the evil eye, such as the Romans, Turkish, and most commonly Egyptians. When we think of the evil eye, we particularly think about the Egyptians and their hieroglyphs. They used the evil eye to ward off evil spirits for their tombs. Now, we use them in our jewelry and accessories for everyday wear. However, within time its meaning has been re-constructed by culture. 

We, at Darling Dariah, strive to bring positivity through our jewelry. We promote jewelry that enhances your look and makes you feel calm. So, we have added the Magic eye pendant necklace to the necklace collection. It is inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs and it resembles the magic evil eye used for protection. 

Also, another evil eye-inspired piece of jewelry is the magic eye ring. The ring is comfortable to wear and has double eyes for more protection from negativity. Another explanation for the evil eye is that people believe that wearing evil eye jewelry will make the world fair. It is said that people want to believe that their environment is safe and organized.

However, some people also believe wearing an ‘evil eye’ attracts more negativity. There is a taboo about wearing this because of some religious beliefs. In conclusion, there is so much to learn about the evil eye and its use about protection and bringing positivity.

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